A new perspective.

Trevor has been a coach to companies in growth since 1998. He has held certification to implement the Rockefeller Habits as a coach with Gazelles International, has been trained in the Great Game of Business (open book management), has had training in Topgrading hiring systems, and is certified as a Personal Style Indicator instructor (personality styles). He has also adapted tools from companies like Google Inc. and General Electric.

He’s been trained in these systems, but isn’t limited to any of them.  Trevor believes that every company is unique, and that every solution and tool should be customized to fit your individual situation.

Trevor has written for or appeared in publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, The New York Post, The Globe and Mail, and many more.

Some interesting things about Trevor:

  • He reads 40-50 books/year
  • He has a personal library of about 3000 books
  • He does at least 40 hours of professional development/year (in addition to reading)
  • He has four teenagers (!) and one excellent wife (23 years together)
  • He plays acoustic and electric guitar at his church and listens to a ton of music
  • He is recovering from G.A.S. (guitar acquisition syndrome) but still suffers periodic relapses

Trevor is also trained in:

Discovering and understanding personalities

- through CRG and the Personal Style Indicator

Implementing open book management

- through the Great Game of Business

Attracting, hiring and retaining the right people

- through TopGrading Systems

Trevor’s History

Trevor spent the first part of his career working as a pastor with volunteers, teenagers and their parents. This means that there is a relationship and soft side of life that he understands in a unique way.

Aside from this website, Trevor doesn’t do any marketing, but is referred from one client to another. He’s very busy, and usually has a waiting list. This allows him to work with clients who are an ideal fit for him and for them.

When he’s not working, Trevor spends his time playing guitar, reading, hanging out with his four kids, and spending time with the incomparable Jennifer.

Trevor works with excited, growth-focused, already-successful CEOs and their teams that have sales of more than 6 million dollars/year.


Trevor’s purpose is to improve the client's condition, personally and professionally.


Growth is messy, and only makes logical sense in retrospect. When you write your book one day, it will look perfectly orderly. But the actual growth process looks more like leaping from one ice floe to the next. It’s running down blind alleys, learning what doesn’t work and reversing course. It’s about being tenacious and persevering through something that’s really hard.

Trevor brings the objectivity of an outsider to your company.

He has seen many growth businesses just like yours break through their impossible ceiling and turn it into their new floor. He brings perspective, wisdom, and accountability.

In addition, Trevor understands that your personal and professional lives are the same life. Winning at your business and losing personally isn’t success. Neither is becoming the richest person in the graveyard.

Trevor is on your team. He’s the only person in your business that has nothing to gain from being your friend and confidante and has no personal agenda around the outcome of any of your decisions. He’s a confidential sounding board and an advocate for your ideas. He helps you to think through your issues in an objective way.

Problems that Growth Companies Face

Right people, right seats

The most important question your business faces: getting the right person in every key seat.

You must answer an enthusiastic YES to the question, "If you could do it all over again, would you re-hire all of your key people?


The biggest challenge every growth company faces: How to get everyone singing off the same song sheet


Developing a strategic plan that fits on one page and covers issues like:

Why do you exist?
What behaviours are and are not acceptable around here (core values)?
What are your brand promises to your customers?


What's your top company goal?
How are you capitalizing on your opportunities and defending against your threats?
What are your company goals in the next five, three and one year’s time?


Who is your perfect customer?
What are you really selling?


Daryl Verbeek