It’s lonely at the top and leadership is hard.

Trevor Throness’ business task is to be a support, guide and friend to leaders—to help them shoulder some of the stress that comes with leading a business that is in growth. He helps these leaders think through tough people issues.

He walks leaders through the process of building simple strategic plans that fit on one page so that everyone knows what the company is trying to accomplish and how they fit into that plan.

Using tested tools from the top growth practitioners in the world to bring you healthy growth – people like Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek, and organizations like Gazelles International, Great Game of Business and TopGrading – Trevor helps to solve the top problems that growth companies face.

All growth companies need to...

Get the right people in the right seats.

Get communication flowing through a system of timed, intentional meetings, so that everybody knows what the company is trying to accomplish and what is expected of them.


Get everyone singing off the same song sheet by coming to agreement around direction, culture and goals, and writing your business plan down on one page.

Have tools and systems to clarify roles, provide accountability, and enhance communication


Personality style & communication workshops

Learn how your team is hard-wired and how they communicate.

Understand each person's strengths and weaknesses.

Enhance team communication.

Taking control of the business through regular planning & debate

Get your leadership team focused on top priotities quarterly and annually.

Build accountability systems to ensure that plans get executed.

One-on-one coaching

Sit regularly with a coach who will provide unfiltered feedback, accountability and advice.

Implementing the Rockefeller Habits

Get your team all on the same page.
Get right people in right seats.
Create clarity around where you are going.
Build accountability structures to get there quickly.
Based on concepts from "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits" by Verne Harnish.

Customized help with your growth

Everything has to be customized because you and your company are unique.
Advisory board set up.
Partnership mediation.
Family business meetings.
Combinations of all services listed.

“When I became the sole owner of my company, I felt overwhelmed with the stress of feeling that everything depended on me. Trevor helped me focus on some key principles that have made a huge difference; concentrating on finding A-players in every key seat in the business, getting them aligned around the same goals, using some simple accountability tools, and having solid communication rhythms. Once that was accomplished, I was able to focus on what I loved doing, what I’m best at and what gives me energy - sales and relationship building. Since putting these principles in place – specifically the people issues first and foremost - the business has done better than ever before, the team is functioning really well, and I have my life back.”

Jon Brandt

Summit Brooke Construsction